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Have you ever wondered what happens during your first orthodontic visit? Before the first braces appointment, it is normal to feel nervous. Keep in mind that your initial appointment is the first step towards a beautiful smile! At About Braces, we want you to be at ease throughout your treatment.

Upon arrival at the clinic, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff. As with any type of first time visit, you will be required to fill in some paperwork. Once the forms are completed, one of our nurses will come and call you in the treatment room to see the orthodontist. An examination is usually performed at the start of the first braces consultation  appointment to identify whether there are any difficulties or issues that require orthodontic treatment.

X-rays are then done to give the orthodontist more information about jaw development and alignment. The orthodontist will take digital scans of your teeth as well as photographs. These digital scans are state of the art and only take a few minutes. These records are then used by your orthodontist to determine the best kind of orthodontic treatment for you,

After your initial records are done, it will only take a few minutes to analyse and a formal treatment plan will be generated for you on the very first visit. The orthodontist will explain the different treatment possibilities, different appliances that you can use and provide you with detailed information on what to expect, how long you might need treatment for and what the estimated costs will be.

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