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A common question raised by patients is “will wisdom teeth affect the course of my braces treatment?” The short answer is “no”, as orthodontists do not align the wisdom teeth. However, after the braces come off and the patient starts to wear retainers, the answer is “maybe”.

The latest study which comprises other studies revealed that wisdom teeth, when erupted, may cause the front teeth to shift after patients finished braces treatment. The erupted wisdom teeth, as compared to impacted wisdom teeth might generate enough force in the front teeth and cause the lower front teeth to shift. The study thus recommends patients with erupted lower wisdom teeth remove them to prevent the front teeth from shifting in the long term.

In Singapore, wisdom teeth surgery is claimable up to 80% with Medisave. If you are worried about wisdom teeth affecting your teeth alignment, seek your orthodontist and they will be able to advise you on what to do next.

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