Generally, orthodontic patients would like to speed up their treatment time so that they can get over with the treatment discomfort and achieve their desired end results faster. Recently, a new orthodontic device is creating buzz on the dental industry. Recently, an innovative new product which promises to speed up orthodontic treatment has been creating buzz around the dental industry The Acceledent company claims that it is clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster.

Invisalign and braces places constant pressure on teeth over a period of time in order to move and align them. During this process, the bone surrounding the teeth is actually reshaped or remodelled to accommodate tooth movement and to stabilize the tooth in the new position. To accelerate the course of bone remodelling, Acceledent exposes the teeth and gums to high-frequency, gentle vibrations.

AcceleDent is basically a removable and non-invasive mouthpiece attached to an electronic device that the patient wears for 20 minutes a day. The device sends vibrations through the mouthpiece to the teeth and gums. These vibrations are not painful and feel something like an electronic toothbrush.The device is lightweight so the patient can continue to do daily activities like reading, doing homework, watching television while wearing the device. There is also a travel unit available with a portable charging unit.

AcceleDent when used in conjunction with braces shortens treatment time by 30-50%. This means that if the expected orthodontic treatment time is two years with braces, the actual treatment time using AcceleDent could be as short as one year. On the other hand, if the treatment time with Invisalign aligners is expected to be 12 months, with AcceleDent, this time can be shortened to just 6 months.

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