Following the long months of realigning crooked tooth with orthodontic treatment, there is need for the retainers which will hold the teeth in their positions so that the relapse can be avoided. There is a high chance for the teeth to relapse back into the previous position after removal of the braces. Wearing a retainer after having the braces removed is the only way to make sure that the changes to the teeth from the braces remain permanent. Therefore, it is important to wear the retainers after orthodontic treatment.

Especially in the beginning after the braces come off, the patient must wear the retainer consistently to give the dental tissue and bones a chance to reorganize and get stabilized. Initially for about 6 months, the retainers should be worn all the time except eating and brushing teeth. Then gradually, the time of wearing the retainers will be decreased and will need to be worn only at night.

Wearing retainers exactly as instructed by the orthodontist is the best insurance that the improvement from the orthodontic treatment will last for a lifetime.

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