Based on a quick survey of the Internet, there has been to date, no independent studies on the effects on Acceledent on making teeth movement faster in humans. There was an independent study 2008 by Nishimura et al published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in which they did show that there has been an increase in osteoclast (cells involved in dissolving bone) numbers when subjected to vibration However, they did not conclude that there was an overall increase in tooth movement due to orthodontic forces.

Many authors have talked about the increased movement of Acceledent but these are all anecdoctal studies based on experience of individual orthodontists. There has been no formal study yet. At the moment, a study by the University of Florida sponsored by OrthoAccel Technologies Inc. is looking for human subjects to see if Acceledent does actually increase the rate of orthodontic tooth movement in humans. But at the moment, there is no compelling evidence to suggest so.

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