An exciting part of orthodontic treatment for patients is the colors of their braces. The part of braces that comes in a variety of colors is called the elastomeric modules. They are also sometimes called as elastomeric ties or just ties.
Patients can be very creative in choosing the colors that they want for the elastomeric modules. The patient can actually select more than just one color and mix and match it according to their preference. Some patients will have two colors that alternate from one tooth to the next or a different color for the upper and lower teeth. There are even some patients that will have a rainbow of colors. Each tooth will have a different color.
On the other hand, there are also some patients that don’t want to colors of the elastomeric modules to stand out. These patients would usually select silver or gray color. This color will blend with metal bracket. For patients wearing ceramic braces, there is also a tooth-colored elastomeric module.T
The elastomeric modules not only makes the braces look fun and attractive but it also serves a significant purpose for the orthodontic treatment. These elastomeric modules are actually used to hold the wire in place. The wire is what straightens the teeth and the brackets need to fit tightly to the wire in order for the teeth to be straightened.These elastomeric modules are changed during the orthodontic visits every month, so the patient don’t have to settle for just one color throughout the entire treatment. The patient can switch colors each visit and have some fun and express himself with a colorful smile!

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