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Discreet Way of Straightening Teeth

Clear braces have become increasingly popular choice for orthodontic patients in Singapore. They are great for patients who are looking for a less noticeable treatment option. Clear braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic material. It blends in with your smile and provides a discreet but effective orthodontic treatment.


Difference between Clear Braces and Traditional Braces

While most individuals are familiar with traditional metal braces, many clients wonder what clear braces are. The method of straightening teeth is just the same with clear braces and traditional braces. The duration of treatment is also the similar, which is around 1.5 to 2 years. The main difference between the two is aesthetics. Clear braces are an orthodontic breakthrough that was developed in order to make braces treatment less obvious.


Invisalign as a Clear Braces Option

Invisalign is another alternative if you want clear braces without the brackets. Invisalign is a series of custom made, removable aligners made of a medical grade plastic that conforms to your teeth. With each new set of Invisalign aligners, a small modification is made over time. Because they’re detachable, you may take them out while eating, drinking, cleaning, and flossing, making it simple to keep up with basic oral hygiene. For special events, you can easily remove them.