A multimedia computer program for smile measurement was developed by Ackerman, et al based on statistical analysis that a posed smile is indeed reproducible. This computer program is called smile mesh. It is used to analyse photographs of posed smiles with lines that can be adjusted to appropriate landmarks.Its most significant advantage is that the orthodontist can quantify aspects of the smile as maxillary incisor display, upper lip drape, buccal corridor ratio, maxillary midline offset, interlabial gap, and intercommissure width in the frontal plane.

Not all patients have individually repeatable smiles, so it is ideal that the orthodontist must take three smile photographs of the patient and choose the most  natural or most appropriate smile for the application of the smile mesh.

There has been a study that during a 2 1/2 year observation period during adolescence, there are minor changes in the smile characteristics of untreated patients and of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. The lip-tooth relationship changes are more likely a part of ageing rather than part of growth and development.

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