It is a standard procedure to reshape and make the gingival contour ideal with the use of a soft tissue laser before final preparation and impressions are taken for laminates.  In orthodontic treatment, because an orthodontist usually cannot make contour adjustments, they tend to overlook gingival shape problems. In many cases, it is ideal to reshape the gingival contours first before putting on the brackets.


In orthodontics, the bracket placement is determined by the relationship of the bracket slot to the incisal edge. The front teeth usually varies in the height of the crown and shape of the incisal edges. There has been studies that it is best to reshape the incisal and gingival edges before putting on the brackets. The set formula for bracket placement relates the bracket position to the incisal edge or putting it in the middle of the crown, whatever its dimensions. Therefore , it is important to be able to visualize the crown in ideal proportion before bracket placement.

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