Getting the braces on is just the first step of the patient’s journey towards a beautiful smile. Once the braces have been placed, the patient will need to see the orthodontist regularly throughout the whole treatment.

The frequency of the braces appointment is determined by the type of braces that the patient is wearing. As a general rule for traditional metal braces and ceramic braces, the patient will need to go in for an appointment every once a month. On the other hand, there are other orthodontic appliances like Invisalign in which the appointment times may be stretched to once every 2 months.

To make sure that the treatment progresses in a timely manner, the patient needs to come regularly for the appointments. This is so that the orthodontist can do the necessary adjustment for the braces and so he can check whether the treatment is going according to plan. To avoid any further delays in treatment, the patient also must take care of the orthodontic appliance well. This means the patient must avoid any hard or crunchy foods that can loosen or damage the orthodontic appliance. The patient must also maintain a proper oral hygiene throughout the whole course of treatment.

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