Cost of braces may vary depending on the type and severity of the patient’s case. The cost of orthodontic treatment mainly depends on these factors: the severity and complexity of the orthodontic problem that requires correction, length of treatment, treatment plan and technique, type of braces, use of additional appliances and whether or not oral surgery is needed.

Generally speaking, the major factor in determining the cost of orthodontic treatment is the type of dental braces that will be used. The less obvious, the more expensive the dental braces is. The metal braces is the least expensive type of braces, while clear aligners (Invisalign) is one of the most expensive type of dental appliance.

If the patient is looking for an affordable orthodontics solution, the traditional metal braces is the most suitable option. Metal braces have been the standard in orthodontics and continue to be the cheapest type of dental braces used until today by orthodontists. However, if the patient is looking for an orthodontic treatment that is not noticeable, then he must be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money on either ceramic braces or Invisalign.

Orthodontic treatments do have flexible payments schemes to ensure that patients who need braces have the opportunity and ability to afford them.

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