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You are now on your way towards a more beautiful smile. But, if you want to achieve a truly impressive result, you must take care of your teeth and braces. This means that you have to brush properly and maintain a good standard of oral hygiene.


When you have braces, brushing your teeth is more challenging and can take more time. According to statistics, it is common for patients who have braces in Singapore to be more prone to dental problems such as tooth decay, inflamed gums, and tooth decalcification. Therefore, it is important to put an effort to keeping your teeth and braces clean in order to avoid these dental issues. 


Learning how to brush your teeth with braces can take a little practice, but when you finally see how nice your teeth are at the end of treatment, it is definitely all worth it!


Here are videos that demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques while you have braces on:

Brushing with Braces Technique

Interdental Brushing Technique

Flossing Technique