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For some patients, orthodontics or braces treatment alone can fulfill the nice and ideal smile they have always wanted. However, there are some patients that have cases of severe overcrowding, protruding lips, overbite or underbite. For these situations, extraction of teeth may be necessary.

One of the main reasons why clinical records like radiographs, photos and study models are done during the initial consultation is for the orthodontist to decide whether extractions are needed for a patient’s case. Each patient’s case is unique and that is why the formulation of a treatment plan is highly individualized. This is to determine which treatment pathway will be the most appropriate and suitable for the patient’s needs.

Naturally, nobody would like to undergo tooth extractions. If a patient is too concerned about having to remove teeth, there may be other options to avoid it. These alternatives include expansion, the use of temporary anchorage devices and interproximal reduction.

Extraction and non-extraction orthodontic treatment comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is best to ask your orthodontist for an advice as to which type of treatment is suitable for your case.

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